Charlie the Beagle Shows Why He Is A Natural Superstar Baby Sitter In Adorable Video

Most dogs have a natural protective instinct when it comes to their human family. However, not every dog knows how to be useful beyond being protective and cuddly. But, certain breeds can be trained to do specific tasks that can make their human family’s life a little easier. We often think of these pups as service dogs because they are prepared to assist people in living their daily lives. Service dogs are not only a source of comfort for many people struggling with physical and mental impairments, but they can also do many practical things as well.

However, just about anyone can train almost any dog to do small tasks that can be a big help, especially for new parents. For example, the couple in this video trained their beagle to help them care for their baby. They started by associating their baby with things the pup enjoys. So, each time the dog had a positive interaction with their baby, they would lavish him with petting, praises, and sometimes treats. They also included their baby in activities their dog enjoys, such as going for walks and playing fetch. They even managed to train him to be calm while their daughter is asleep by giving him lots of attention when she’s awake, which further associated her with good things. You can see in the video that Charlie has learned to do things such as play a keyboard, rock the baby in her crib, and even press the walk button at the crosswalk.

Source: YouTube

Charlie is quite an impressive pup who loves his little sister with all his heart.

Source: YouTube

You can see more of Charlie’s fantastic babysitting skills in the video below.