Can You Tell Which One Is The Wife?

When you see something with your own eyes, do you trust what you see? Most of us never question what is right in front of us because it is evident that we are seeing what is really there. Then again, there are times when our eyes may trick us and if we aren’t careful, they can even get us into some trouble. This is the case when we look at something and we are only seeing the big picture but we are not figuring out all of the smaller details that are part of it.

In the following picture, we see something that seems to be obvious but there is also something hiding behind the scenes. It isn’t really hidden, however, it is just that you need to use your brain to figure out what is there. After all, there are two women in the picture and the appear to be twins, but one of them is the man’s wife and the other one isn’t. Most people are not going to figure out which is which unless they guess but there is a clue in the picture as well. Try it for yourself and then check the next page for the solution.

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