Boss Calls in Struggling Lunch Lady To Work ‘Emergency Shift’ And Gives Her Brand New SUV

There are millions of folks out there who get up every morning and work themselves to the bone to make ends meet. Toil and labor is a condition humankind has had to endure since the beginning. Some work hard with a bitter attitude, believe that life owes them something while begrudging the success of everyone else around them. However, I believe that most folks try to keep as cheerful an attitude as they can when to devote their labor to a job.  Sure, for many jobs, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes people have to deal with rude customers, co-workers, bosses, or all of the above.

However, despite whatever circumstances put in their path, folks like Cheryl Stewart always show up to work on time with a cheerful attitude. You see, Cheryl isn’t a high-paid official with a nice office, she works at the lunch counter, arriving early every weekday to prepare nutritious meals for her students. However, many of her beloved students didn’t know that Cheryl had been fighting something terrible behind the scenes in her life. You see, Cheryl is a cancer survivor who is also supporting her husband currently battling lupus and prostate cancer. Life had not been going well, and because she was the primary breadwinner, Cheryl also had to take on extra cleaning jobs, as well as baking rolls for funerals along with any other kind of work she could find.


To make matters even worse, she was also experiencing problems with her only mode of transportation and could not afford to get it fixed. So, Cheryl had to borrow her parent’s car just to get back and forth from work. On top of everything else, she desperately needed surgery on her foot but decided to wait until the winter break so she wouldn’t miss any days at work. But one day, during the Christmas Holidays, her boss called her in for an emergency shift. When she got to work, there was a man holding a microphone waiting to greet her. Cheryl didn’t know what to expect, but when she reached the back office, the hard-working lunch lady soon learned that she was getting a brand new SUV!

Watch Cheryl’s heartwarming reaction in the video below.

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