Artist Uses Simple Sticky Notes That Capture Adulthood’s Everyday Challenges

When it comes to capturing the everyday challenges and struggles of being an adult, lots of artists have tried to do it perfectly. There’s no shortage out of there of cartoonists, painters, and artists who try to pull the tone of humanity to life with their work. However, one man does it beautifully using nothing but an ink pen and the humble sticky note. The fact is, life isn’t easy for anyone, and how better to encapsulate all that it entails than just by breaking it down as simply as possible? That’s exactly what a cartoonist named Chaz Hutton tries to do.

Chas has a wildly popular Instagram account, and he uses simple sticky notes and a stick-man style of drawing in black ink. Doing this, he manages to remarkably capture the awkward transition from teenager to adulthood. To do this, he uses charts, diagrams, words, and simple illustrations to make points, and he does all of this by condensing concepts into small rectangular or square yellow sticky notes like Post-It Notes. Chas said that he first started drawing on Post-It Notes when he was bored working at a desk job. He was working at an architecture firm at the time.

In an interview with Modern Met, Chaz said that the drawings started out as little sketches he would make for friends. At some point, the friends convinced him to put the sketches into an Instagram account, and he thought it was a “terrible idea.” Chaz was convinced that nothing would come from it, but he was wrong. Since he started his account in August of 2015, he now has more than 236,000 followers on the popular social networking site. Chaz’s artwork breaks down everything from social awkwardness to social media addiction. There’s not much he doesn’t tackle. You can even buy prints on his website.

Let’s check out some of our favorites.

















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