Adorable Friendship Between 3-Year-Old and 95-Year Old Alzheimer’s Patient is Melting Hearts Worldwide

Since their opening in 2019, Stanley has been a resident at his current assisting living facility. And he’s one of 60 residents battling dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

However, Stanley met an unlikely little friend one day when a little girl named Etta came to visit the residents along with other children in Avita’s music generations class. The children are from the local community, and they visit with the elders every Frida to sing songs, play instruments, and play games. Over 20 seniors look forward to the occasion when they feel up to it.

Laurie Morse began bringing her son, Simon, and his sister Etta, two years ago when Etta was one.

One day out of the blue, little Etta just ran up to Stanley, age 95.

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The little girl offered him an instrument as part of the class. Not content to give him only one, she kept running back and forth until she’d given him a pile of eight instruments. And that’s when Etta’s mom realized her daughter and the older gentleman had sparked a special friendship.

“I have no idea when it actually started,” she confessed to reporters. “They just kind of have a little connection.”[1]

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You see, their connection is remarkable and more ways than just one. You see, Stanley has a difficult time remembering faces and names, like most of the patients at the facility. There are days when he just can’t recognize Etta right away. However, the friendly little girl is always patient with him, and by the end of her visit, they usually exchange hugs and cuddles, even if he doesn’t quite remember her.

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“I think Stanley is a very gentle soul,” Etta’s mother said. “I think there is just a feeling between them that they just know that they love each other and care about each other.”

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As if their story couldn’t get any sweeter, Stanley usually wakes up early just to see his special friend. The caretakers usually remind him on visiting day, and he will make a special effort to be up, despite not being an early riser. Once the two are together, they have a grand time. Etta and Stanley sing, draw pictures, play instruments, and play board games. They’ve even tackled a few puzzles together to aid Stanley’s memory.

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For Stanley, Etta’s visits represent a reprieve from days filled with loneliness at the facility. And for the little girl, it’s just a chance to spend time with a good friend.

“We came to visit him for his birthday,” Etta’s mother recalled, “and I asked if any family member was coming to visit, and he said no. And [Etta], out of the blue, goes, ‘Well, now you have our family.'”

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How cute are these two? You can watch a video about their heartwarming story below.

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