90-Year-Old Czech Grandmother Spends All of Her Time Painting Her Village With Gorgeous Murals

Anežka Kašpárková lives in Louka, a tiny village in southern Moravia in the Czech Republic, and she has a special mission that she’s felt called to do in life: make her village beautiful. She’s over 90 years old, but this is a hobby that she picked up in retirement, believe it or not. For most of her life, she was an agricultural worker. Kašpárková spends all of her free time painting traditional Moravian motifs on the walls of Louka’s buildings and homes. She uses bright blue-ultramarine color and it’s absolutely stunning artwork. One place she has put extra attention on is the village’s chapel.

Every year, Kašpárková does touch-ups on the chapel. She jumps up on the scaffolding and paints flowery motifs across the beautiful facade. One thing that’s fascinating about her work is that Kašpárková doesn’t plan her work in advance. She uses her imagination and lets her brush and fantasy decide what the outcome will be. In the winter, she stops her work because it’s so cold where she lives. Before Kašpárková, there were other women who painted the white Moravian houses in Louka and the tradition was handed down to her. One thing that makes her different is the internet.

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Because things can be shared far and wide in the modern era, people have become aware of Kašpárková and her work, whereas before, perhaps only people close by would know about the beautiful way she’s transforming her village. For Kašpárková, it seems to come naturally to her. She also takes her work very seriously, using only the highest quality of paint so that her artwork doesn’t fade away in just a few years. She’s gotten a lot of praise for her creativity and work and we applaud her.

I think in years to come, people will travel to see Louka because of the wonderful work Kašpárková has done there. Check out more of her work below.

She’s dedicated!



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