31 Photos That Are Stark Reminders of Our New Reality

Remember when we were all saying that 2020 needed to go away? Well, it did go away, but things haven’t really gotten completely better. In fact, some reports say that we’re never going to go back to our old version of “normal.” My wife has already said that when she starts going places again, she’s just going to keep wearing her mask. She confessed that she would have liked to have done so years ago, as a matter of fact. Like most people, she’s miserable when she gets a cold or the flu and would just as soon avoid it if she can. So she’s in this for the long haul.

The fact is, our lives have changed, probably forever to some extent. These photos show our stark new reality.

1. These floor markings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2. The movie theaters are collecting dust, it seems.

3. This office put up St. Patrick’s Day celebrations last year and they’re still up.

4. These puzzles that someone ordered from China came complete with a virus test kit. Wow.

5. Bingo centers have moved their activities to the outdoors, a cool idea.

6. Interesting new street art.

7. Some establishments are putting trash cans over urinals to enforce social distancing.

8. “No gloves included” is a new reality.

9. This store at the LA airport sells nothing but masks.

10. On a non-virus-related note, this toothbrush can’t be used because the software is updating.

11. So many empty places.

12. Yep, let’s avoid that nose to nose greeting.

13. So many airplanes, nobody flying.

14. Burget King wants to keep underpaying their employees. Can you help them?

15. Water fountains are closed for service (finally).

16. Interesting treat shapes you have there.

17. This car has been sitting so long it’s getting cobwebs.

18. If you live in an area with wildfires, this is what your AC filters look like.

19. We’re digging this toilet paper puzzle.

20. This lady has to gear up for battle just to go to work.

21. These are some expensive cough drops.

22. People wear gloves to go grocery shopping now.

23. These are cruise ships sitting off the coast. Empty.

24. These pens come with hand sanitizer (alcohol).

25. Cool beer, bro!

26. This poor kid.

27. Bachelor parties aren’t what they used to be.

28. People are getting tired of their spouses.

29. Streets are empty.

30. Front line workers are more important than ever.

31. All of us at the office.

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