18 Photos That Show You Can Always See the Whole Story by Zooming In

Have you ever been looking at something and suddenly notice a detail that you didn’t notice before? It happens to me all the time. In some cases, it puts a whole different perspective on things, as it turns out. The thing is, having just one perspective limits your understanding of a situation when with a little more information, everything would be much more clear. In some cases, you can see what’s going on with just a small glimpse into a situation, but sometimes you need a much closer look. We’ve compiled a collection of photos that perfectly illustrate that point.

For example, have you ever been taking some selfies with friends when you get home and realize that someone photo bombed you? It’s totally happened to me. Back in the day, we used to take photos with a camera and rolls of film, and every roll of film would have maybe 24 photos or less. Can you imagine how funny it would be to get some photos back weeks later and find some hilarious photobombing? The worse thing was when it was school photos. We had to wait weeks to see what our school photos looked like and believe me, they weren’t always good. In fact, they rarely were.

Let’s check out some more examples of what it looks like when you zoom in. How about this one. Look carefully at the buildings. Someone paid tons of money to show the desktop of their computer.

This is one way to get your truck legal.

Not everyone is happy about the new puppy, it seems.

We’re glad this guy understands.

This is legit a real live dog with his own escort.

When old technology meets new technology.

Would you like a baby with your fries?

Hopefully, this person didn’t make their password their license plate.

Not everyone was happy Chris Pratt paid a visit.

This is one way to get longer lashes.


Yeah, not terrifying at all.

He’s showing his country’s flag.

Think that’s a t-shirt with a dog on it? Nope. Look closer.

Very appropriate.

Dude brought his girlfriend along.

I feel bad for this kid and totally understand him/her.


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