18 Common Home Items That You Have Probably Never Used Right

When was the last time you learned something that really changed your life? I think that most of us can remember something that was unique and perhaps interesting enough to fall into that category but there are going to be and it changes the way that we do something, perhaps even changing it after many years of doing it! These things are often shared online, and people absolutely love it when they get some type of new hack that they can use around the home. That is what we have for you below, but it isn’t just one tip that we are going to share with you, it is 18!

Many of the things that we use around the home are used by habit. We might pick up an item and not really give it any thought but if you do give it some thought, you might find that you have been using it wrong all along. The following 18 items are things that we may use on a daily basis, but we might never have used them in the way that they were intended. Check down through these and see how many of those life-changing moments you have when you see just how to use these items you may use frequently.

1. Hard-boiled eggs – tap the bottom of the egg on the kitchen counter and put it in the palm of your hand. Blow on one end and the egg pops out.

2. Tap on the number 57 on the side of a ketchup bottle when upside down and watch what happens.

3. Applesauce – you can twist the lid and make it into a spoon.

4. Spaghetti spoons – the hole in the spoon is a standard serving size of pasta.

5. Spoon rest – the hole at the end of the handle on your pan can be used to rest the spoon without keeping it in the sauce.

6. Juice box handles – there are handles built into the juice box. Just pop them out on the side.

7. Plungers – did you know that a regular plunger is meant for a sink? Use a flange plunger if you are using it on the toilet.

8. Peanut butter – if you store your peanut butter upside down it won’t separate.

9. Straws – twist the tab on the top of the drink can to keep your straw in place.

10. Loops – there is a loop on the back of your shirt to hold it on the clothesline or hook so you don’t get any wrinkles while drying.

11. Bobby pins – the ridges go against your scalp to provide extra grip.

12. Reynolds wrap – push in the tabs on the side of the box to hold the roll in place.

13. Chinese food – you can unfold the containers to make a plate.

14. Oven drawers – these are not for storing your pans, it is to keep your food warm.

15. Toblerone – If you press on the top piece of the bar it breaks off clean.

16. Can opener – your keychain bottle opener includes a slot to open soda cans.

17. More sauce – food condiment cups fold open and hold more sauce.

18. TicTac’s – there is a crevice in the lid that holds a single TicTac.

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