15 Months After Husband’s Death, Woman Delivers Their Baby Daughter Using Frozen Embryos

In 2020, a woman from Ohio welcomed her first child, a baby girl who was born over a year after her husband’s tragic death. Thanks to the use of a frozen embryo they created, she was able to preserve a part of him through their future child.

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The 36-year-old mom explains that her infant daughter Logan has served as an incredible comfort Julie said:

“After the pain and devastation that came with losing Travis, it is indescribable that 15 months later I have a little piece of him back in my arms again.[1]

He was my best friend and we had always wanted children. I’m so sad he missed out on all of this, but I see him in Logan every single day.”

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The couple had always wished for children but struggled due to fertility issues. Then in 2016, Jullie became pregnant but sadly suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks.

Then later that same year, Travis was diagnosed with a terminal form of brain cancer after doctors found a large tumor. His doctors gave the couple a grim prognosis that he only had a five percent chance of living another five years, and most patients with his form of cancer died within two years.

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After the news, the couple decided to try IVF therapy in hopes of conceiving a baby before Travis died. His sperm was banked prior to his cancer treatments to guarantee they would not be impacted.

Julie said:

“We had two embryo transfers while Travis was alive, but sadly they were unsuccessful.

He was so excited about the prospect of becoming a father, it would have meant so much to be able to conceive while he was here so that he could be a part of it all.

I had shown him pictures of our embryos before he passed away and he joked by saying they looked just like him.

He had also picked out names, but assured me it was OK if I needed to change them if they didn’t suit the baby.”

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In early 2019, the love of Julie’s life passed away. However, before his death, the couple had created five viable embryos, which meant there was still a chance for Julie to have her husband’s child.

Julie said:

“I got myself together and thought about what I wanted next for myself. I realised that I still wanted children, even if it meant being a single mum.

I went in for a double embryo transfer and in October 2019 I had a positive pregnancy test.

I was overjoyed, but after previously losing a baby through miscarriage I didn’t want to get too excited.”

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During Julie’s six-week scan, she discovered that she was having twins, but doctors informed her that one of the twins did not survive during a later check-up.

Julie added:

“It was such a painful reality, knowing there was another baby there, but I continued to hope for the best with the remaining baby.

I was cautiously optimistic throughout my pregnancy. I was very excited and extremely hopeful.”

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Then on May 2, 2020, Julie gave birth to their daughter Logan who, according to the widow, is the best thing to have ever happened to her.

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The mom added:

“Being a single mum has its challenges, especially during a pandemic, and ideally there would have been two of us here to do this together.

But it has been so worth it. I know this is what I was meant to do next in life.

Travis would absolutely adore Logan. I see him in her little smiles and expressions. It melts my heart that she looks so much like her dad.

I pray that as she gets older, her personality develops to include all of the best parts of him, too.”

Image Source: Daily Mail

Julie even started an organization in her late husband’s name called trailsfortravis.org to support other families whose lives are impacted by brain cancer.

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